Whoever said, "There is no such thing as a stupid question" obviously wasn't a Black woman.


Customer Antonio Robinson said he was shocked when he noticed one employee dipping her hair into a pot of water in the same area where food was being prepared last week.

Briogeo is a 6-free (no sulfates or articifial dyes here, ladies!) hair care product line created by African-American entrepreneur, Nancy Twine.

So, the Black Hair Debate goes on.  TV personality Giuliana Rancic from the “Fashion Police” made some strange statements about 18-year-old actress/music artist Zendaya Colemans hair locs at the Oscars.  While the comments were ignorant and hurtful the response from Zendaya is impressive. Click here for more and Zendaya’s intelligent response.

Via: Eurweb.com Actor, Anthony Mackie set down with Eurweb.com to clarify some a statement that he said about dreadlocks and racial profiling in a recent interview with Mr. Chris Witherspoon .He says that Mr. Witherspoon didn’t let their entire conservation run and instead used soundbites from the interview that made his comment taken out of context.  Anthony Mackie said  “I felt […]