Auntie Fee, died this week via the number one way to die in America. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, half of black women age 20 and over have heart disease and only a third of us know this is our greatest health risk.

Hip Hop pioneer Kurtis Blow, born Kurtis Walker, is recovering from a heart attack that he recently suffered at a bus stop in Los Angeles. According to reports, Four LAPD officers arrived at the scene, following up on a report that there was an altercation between Walker and his son. When cops approached him, he […]

A spokeswoman for the ride-hailing company has rebutted a lawsuit by saying that no background check is "100 percent foolproof."

Joe Jackson has returned home to the US after suffering three heart attacks and a stroke in Brazil a few weeks back. 87-year-old Papa Joe flew to Brazil for his birthday.  He hospitalized after the stroke and suffered another incident right before he was supposed to leave. According to TMZ, Jackson was spotted at LAX Tuesday morning […]

Via: According to Former NBA player Anthony Mason is said to be fighting for his life as he battles serious heart problems following a heart attack. Click Here For More

According to the American Heart Association, more than 40 percent of blacks have high blood pressure (HBP).Though doctors aren’t 100% sure why this is, they…

It was reported that loud shouts and yells of support were coming from the church members the moment the pastor died The congregation was loudly confronting its longtime pastor about his alleged sexual sin  — and in the midst of their yelling, the pastor dropped dead. According to member That’s what happened Sunday at the […]

Chill out, it’s good for your heart. According to FOX News, New research finds that following an angry outburst, a person’s risk of experiencing a heart attack increases for about two hours. To find this, Harvard University researchers analyzed nine different studies. Researchers say, “Although the risk of experiencing an acute cardiovascular event with any […]

Let’s keep the family of founding members RD Joe  of the Northeastern trail riders  in prayer RD had a sudden heart attack this morning. RD Joe died during his ride on the trail. Tragedy struck this morning on the trail ride, as the Northeastern riders   made their way to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Read […]

We hope he gets well soon.  According USA Today, Little Richard says he had a heart attack last week, but credits God with pulling him through. Speaking with Cee Lo Green Sunday in Atlanta, the rock ‘n’ roll pioneer told an audience of about 150 people that a tour bus with a hospital bed in […]


It may be thrilling when love makes your heart skip a beat, but under any other circumstance that may not be a good thing. Sudden…