Gladys Knight says that her son has stooped so low in their legal battle over her chicken & waffles restaurant, that he attempted to extort her. As previously reported, Gladys and her son Shanga Hankerson have been fighting over the restaurant, and when he didn’t respond to the suit, the clerk entered a default victory for the music […]


This past weekend, Viola Davis paid tribute to sexual assault survivors at the Rape Foundation’s annual brunch in Beverly Hills. She said that when she was a child growing up in Rhode Island, sexual assault was very common. She explained, “Listen, when I was young, there were so many men in the neighborhood who gave […]

Brandy’s former record label Chameleon filed a countersuit, accusing her of breaching their deal by releasing music without their approval. They are demanding she be ordered to pay damages for her actions. As previously reported, back in July, the singer sues the label, demanding the court void her music deal with company because they didn’t […]

In an interview with People Magazine, Mary J. Blige talked about what makes her happy. She said, “Whats makes me happy is to be able to express myself. And when I’m in the studio and doing a project like that and just getting all that stuff out of me, that’s a happy place because you’re […]

R&B Divas: LA cast member, Michel’le, sat down with Madamnorie and talked about how her baby daddies, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, don’t like her.  She said: “I’m so blessed that God gave [my kids] to me, it’s not hard raising them. Their fathers are good fathers to them. They have a wonderful relationship with […]

During the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show, NeNe’s sisters and cousins blasted her on Facebook. During the show, NeNe revealed that Phaedra tried to get some dirt on her by contacting her estranged sisters.  See what they had to say here.