When music icon Michael Jackson died, he reportedly had specific wishes for each of his children stipulated in his will. Now Paris Jackson, 19, an up-and-coming model and actress who has taken charge of her own life as an adult, is concerned that her late father’s wishes for her brother Blanket are not being followed, […]

Thinking of all the living things on Earth– plants, animals, insects, bacteria– everything– how many different species would you guess there are? According to Mashable, Indiana University researchers used the laws of math to come up with an estimate that includes both micro and macro life, and say there may be as many as 1 […]

To get ahead in life you’ll want to live in the city. New findings show that urban sprawl actually impedes upward socioeconomic mobility. A team of researchers from Utah, Texas and Louisiana built mathematical models to analyze the different ways urban sprawl can affect a person’s chances of getting ahead. Lead study author Reid Ewing […]

Aretha Franklin has had a dramatic change in her size and health in the last few years losing 85 pounds, but how did she do it.  She talks weight loss and what she does to keep it off.  Click here for more.

So what happens when life gets in the way of your New Years Resolution to get Fit?  Don’t worry we’ve found a great month-to-month guide that will keep you on track for all of 2015.  Click here for your Month to Month Guide. 

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According to published reports, the mother of the children found living inside an abandoned school bus is fighting to put her family back together. From the…