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According to published reports, the mother of the children found living inside an abandoned school bus is fighting to bring her family back together.

From the outside of the abandoned school bus in Splendora, it doesn’t look like a home, but Sherrie Shorten says it is and she wants her children back.

Shorten was said to have cleaned the bus in preparation for the return of her children and husband.

“You could see it’s set up for two adults, two children, we’ve got Internet access, phone,” she said. “In the back we have a full bathroom.”

Shorten stared at her 5-year-old son’s spider man blanket and her 12-year-old daughter’s teddy bears yearning to hold them.

She said on Dec 16 2010, she was arrested.

“Ever since then, they have been living with their dad. Their dad wasn’t arrested until three months after me,” she said.

Shorten said she is doing anything and everything she can to get a job. The next status hearing is in Slendora on May 2. “I want nothing more than my kids and husband home from jail,” she added

Shorten’s husband, Mark, is scheduled to be released from prison in July.

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