The former Seahawks running back, who only showed up to press conferences because he didn't want to be fined, went on Conan Tuesday night to speak on his feelings about the national anthem protest.

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Before everyone was Dabbin’ on Em with Cam, they were going into beastmode and only showing up to work so they didn’t get fined. The reason for that is one Marshawn Lynch, the beloved (and often controversial) Seattle Seahawks running back, who announced his retirement on Twitter during Super Bowl 50, the biggest football night of […]

It’s hard to make a sports movie. So hard, in fact, that good sports movies are rare. You rarely get a Remember The Titans, and Marshawn…

Via: Marshawn Lynch is looking to capitalize on his infamous “I’m just here so I won’t get fined” phrase from The big game’s media day. “We heard from our fans, and so many of them were saying that they wanted that phrase on the clothing,” Chris Bevans, who runs Lynch’s “Beast Mode” apparel line, told […]

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As a journalist, one thing I hate is when a source won’t answer my questions. It’s frustrating, it stops me from getting my work done,…

After two days of giving the same one liner answers during his required media time during Super Bowl week, “I’m here so I won’t get fined” on Tuesday and “You know why I’m here” on Wednesday, Marshawn Lynch finally talked on Thursday (January 29th), but what he talked about was why he won’t talk to […]

For some crazy reason I love this   Do Ya Thang Boi!!

‪Michelle Williams sat down and actually was able to get Marshawn Lynch to do a real interview with her.  She loosned up Marshawn up by singing a few songs with him and later gave him an new X Box One.  Lynch said he would donate it to his charity and talked about some of the future […] Seahawks player, Marshawn Lynch might just get fined after all.  In a recent interview at Media Day he response to every question was “I’m just here not to get fined”.  But he might get fined because he was wearing “unauthorized attire” in this case his “Beast Mode” hat. Click Here For More Info Here’s His […]

Marshawn Lynch is at it again.  In a media day interview with ESPN he response to every question was “I’m Just Here So I Won’t get fined” L.O.L.. Check out the interview below!

My mother always told me if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all.  I guess Seahawks player Marshawn Lynch took this to another level.  When a reporter asked him a question he simply replied “Thanks For Asking”.  Do you think his reply in the interview was unprofessional.  Let me know by […]