According to “WalletHub” Millennials, those in their late-teens-to-early-30’s, are the most popular and unpopular generation concurrently.  They are the largest consumer group, responsible for 21% of discretionary spending. That’s obviously very good for the economy. But, why is that segment of our economy so “unpopular”? In what states do they do well, or less well […]

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Rep. James Clyburn and Rep. G.K. Butterfield want Clinton to dip into a portion of her war chest and use it to increase voter turnout.

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Roland Martin offered a little advice for millennial voters who are unenthusiastic about this year's presidential election.

The choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump remains problematic as Election Day draws under the two-month mark.


The record for the most wins in a regular season was held for two decades by the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls team. Former NBA player Michael Jordan released a statement: “I want to congratulate the Warriors on an amazing season,” he said. “The game of basketball is always evolving and records are made to be broken.”

I have found this to be true recently I was at a wine tasting and some millennials can in and they were so caught up what we were doing. The wine stewart set out some different wines and she said generations x go for a stronger dry wine and millennials love sweet wines and like […]

Your twenties are a time of freedom, self-discovery and making new friends. Take advantage of it or you'll be sorry!

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Podcast: Download There are over two dozen major cities in America that will have mayoral elections in 2015. Three states will have gubernatorial elections and…

50 years ago, the potential of a “black/brown coalition” in America was just a novel idea on very shaky ground.  But at the 50th Anniversary…