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It’s been three years and the long-suffering residents of Flint, Michigan are still without clean water. The fact that something as essential as drinking water is not available to Flint residents is unfathomable, especially considering that we live in the highly privileged United States. Unfortunately the current news for those living in Flint is even […]

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As if this story wasn’t bizarre enough, it has now come to an unfortunate end for Mississippi native and newlywed Jaelyn Young. It was just announced today that she has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for trying to join ISIS on her honeymoon with husband Muhammad Dakhlalla, whom she married in June of […]

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It was just last week that a Yale employee made national news when he destroyed a glass panel in the campus dining hall that depicted slaves picking cotton. Corey Menafee was arrested and fired after destroying campus property, but today he got some good news involving the incident.   ABC News is reporting that Corey […]

Police in San Antonio are investigating a video that allegedly shows a school district officer body-slamming a middle school student to the ground. CBS News.com reports: In the…

The Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, is under fire after sexually explicit recordings were release of him talking to his political adviser Rebekah Mason. He has…

Liberia is now free of Ebola after going 42 days, that doubles the maximum incubation period for the deadly disease without any new cases, according to the World Health Organization announced Saturday. President Ellen Johnson while celebrating the milestone she told new sources the damage wrought by the worst Ebola outbreak in history is ‘a […]


I’ve heard of people smuggling many things: weed (narcotics), money, guns even people…but never ever, have I heard of someone trying to smuggle smartphones. According…


04/04/14 – Rev. Jesse Jackson talks to us about the 10th Anniversary of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Plus, Tom asks the…


For iPhone: The whole country is watching New York City to see with it does with its controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy. The new Mayor…

According to the AP, the state of Mississippi is back in the forefront of a racially charged murder.  This time?  It’s a hit and run but the NAACP is right in the thick of things and they are out for justice…They won’t stop until they get it. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/news/top-news/racial-motivation-behind-miss-hit-and-run

Engineers will determine the best way to repair cracks on the Washington Monument, after a 5.8-magnitude temblor hit the area. The quake struck about 40 miles northwest of Richmond, Virginia, but it was felt from Georgia to northern New England. The National Park Service said inspectors found cracking in the stones at the top of […]

Winter storms in the midwestern and northeastern U.S. are causing flight delays and cancellations affecting travelers departing from Houston airports.