It’s been five months since the nomination of Loretta Lynch and still no vote for confirmation.  President Obama says ‘enough is enough,’ but are the Democrats willing to force a vote?  Click here for More.

Via: Check out President Obama hitting the game wining shot and talking trash to Paul Pierce L.O.L. This is what reported below. The five players were separated to captain five teams of children. But Wall was the only player shooting — his teammates were only retrieving rebounds and helping the children on their squad […]

Via: President Obama has plans to visit Kenya this summer.  The purpose of his trip is to help accelerate economic growth, strengthen security, and improve democratic institutions in sub-Saharan Africa such as Kenya. Click Here For More Info

For the first time ever, President Barack Obama spoke about the idea of mandatory voting, the Washington Times reports. During a town hall meeting in Cleveland this week,…


President Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and discussed the police shooting in Ferguson and race relations in America.  He even discussed Kanye West and read Mean Tweets.  It’s a must see.  Click here for President Obama on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

President Obama is no stranger to your insults (America). And we’re mighty glad that our 44th President is not emotional and that he does NOT wear his feelings on his sleeve. During his stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Thursday, the President showed that he can handle anything, including being ridiculed about being a […]

Soon, you could buy a plane ticket to fly from Houston to Cuba. United Airlines plans to offer this flight, pending government approval. Americans will…

Via Obama lightened up on the some of the Cuban restrictions today for Americans wanting to travel to Cuba. His new changes makes it easier for “administration officials, government officials, journalists, professional researchers, educators, religious officials, performers and more .”  To find out the full details of the changes click the link below!

President Obama still hasn’t visited Ferguson, Missouri, but he has decided to take some action after a tumultuous week of protesting the non-indictment of Darren Wilson. This week,…


Among her words a GOP communications director Elizabeth Lauten wrote in her Facebook post “Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at the bar…”  Click here for More.


The open nature of the internet and the freedom of how we use it is in danger.  Do you really understand what’s at stake and just who is after its control.  Click here to learn more on Net Neutrality.