The eldest First Daughter's Spanish must be pretty good. Who could forget her serving as translator for her father in Cuba?

Now that legendary singer Prince has passed on, many people are wondering who will inherit his fortune. Although the artist was very proactive about handling legal matters surrounding the rights to his music, there’s no word on whether he had a will. Prince never conceived any children, both of his parents have passed away, and he […]

1.Terrorism Sadly the year ended and began with trouble in one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world. In January, the world…

America already has a First Family in the White House – and it’s certainly not the Kardashians. Like many Americans, I was disgusted with Cosmopolitan…

Photo Source: IamDiddy’s Twitter You can always tell when the Christmas is nearing… If you’re anything like me, you do not take well to unannounced visitations to your residence. My friends and family should all know, you must first call, text, or email me to get a clearance before just popping up at my house. […]

TJMS – Comedian Arnez J talks to the TJMS about the presidential debate last night and how much he loves Roland Martin. He says he wish he could have been President Obama’s coach last night because in his opinion, Obama was too mellow. I wanted to say “TIME OUT…come here playa, (jokingly) Do Your Job […]

via: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama made their first-ever joint-appearance on “The View” in an appearance that was taped Monday and aired this morning. Among the topics discussed were the economy, Michelle’s political aspirations (or lack thereof), their pop culture guilty pleasures and what the POTUS hopes to do at the […]