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Photo Source: IamDiddy’s Twitter

You can always tell when the Christmas is nearing…

If you’re anything like me, you do not take well to unannounced visitations to your residence. My friends and family should all know, you must first call, text, or email me to get a clearance before just popping up at my house. So when my Friends begin to ask “hey, can you send me your address?” I know good and well that they are probably not be sending an actual gift. And they most likely aren’t getting ready to have a baby. Most of them are already married, so why all of sudden at the beginning of December,  do they need my address? It’s Christmas Card mail out time.

You don’t have to Keep up with the Kardashians to get into the holiday spirit with your family and take holiday pics. Although the  clearly lead the pack when it comes to consistently dishing out annual Christmas cards (or at least finding every and any great moment to take a photo), you do not have to be a celebrity to indulge! With modern technology, it is easy to snap a candid of you and your family from your smartphone, or even set your family up an at home photo shoot and you can now print studio quality photos, appropriate enough to mail out your own cards to your entire list of friends and families! Visit your local print photo editing center in Walmart or Walgreens etc., and you’re ready to rival the Kardashians, Obamas, and even the Union-Wade’s! Check out a few of their social media photos below!