Do you have Amazon Prime? Well, according to Consumerist, Yesterday (December 1st) Amazon announced it will be offering streaming HBO and Cinemax subscriptions to its Prime members. The HBO package is $14.99 per month for unlimited streaming access to its TV shows and full movie library, which is the same price as an HBO now […]

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Houston police and the FBI are investigating a suspicious package found at an HISD elementary school. Around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, police were called to Crockett…

[AUDIO]…Luckily this 62 year old man only had to deal with an ‘attempt’ that his wife tried to cut off his umm, well, PACKAGE….If that’s not enough, Tom and J. feels the man’s pain but Sybil?….Nope…As always, a man’s pain is funny to her.   

Via Local news: Houston’s bomb squad exploded a package outside of Houston’s City Hall on Monday. City Hall, at 901 Bagby St., was evacuated Monday after a suspicious package was found about 7:15 a.m. Houston police said an object was wrapped in duct tape and had wires sticking out. It was inside a duffel […]