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I though our own Shelia Jackson Lee was in line for the job if not I know God has something better in mind for her. Read More

I know the real name is stenographer but typewriter lady just sounds more entertaining. Read More picture courtesy of Huffington Post

It was a great feeling to watch the new this morning and see so many government workers going back to work. Read More picture courtesy of  AP

Here is the latest Let’s hope this craziest is over!! Read More 

It’s been two weeks since the government shutdown began,  and so many furloughed federal workers and their families have had to make adjustments in there finance.  Read More

Republican House leaders offered the president and Senate  less than they want in the ongoing financial standoff and Read More

Lewis was arrested at 4:15 p.m. in front of a Capitol during for a immigration reform protest.  Read More

Some sources  said Carey had a history of mental health issues and may have thought Obama was stalking her. Read more

Rep. David Scott stated:  Your hate for this president is coming before your love of this country, Because if you love this country you would not be closing it down.” Read more  

pic courtesy inflexwetrust.com: This is somthing for the history books  NAACP president, Jimmy Simmons and John Abarr, kleagle from the United Klans of Americ. Read More