The Republican-controlled Senate passed a measure early Thursday morning (January 12th) that’s the first step in repealing the Affordable Care Act, voting a nearly party-line 51-48 for a budget measure that eases the way for repeal legislation as soon as next month that will only require a simple majority, blocking Democrats from being able to […]

State legislators believe Trump's presidency will directly affect climate control, immigration, and criminal justice reform, but are confident Holder possesses the political and legal acumen to keep them in tact.

Sen. Harry Reid warns of a risk in normalizing bigotry and sexual assault under Trump's presidency. He urged Trump to rescind his Bannon appointment.

But don't worry: Jon Girodes, who's running for New York's State Senate, just got arrested for running an alleged Craigslist rent scam.

The Senate decided this was the area where women needed to be considered equal.

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Members of the U.S. Senate have proven they’re all talk and no action and failed to pass common sense gun control legislation. In the wake of the Orlando Massacre, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. expressed outrage over the horrific shooting, a desire to move on gun control legislation, and agreed to a vote in the Senate to pass a […]

The four amendments addressed background checks for persons interested in purchasing guns and the sale of guns and explosives to figures on terrorist watch lists.

Barack Obama is not here for any Senate members trying to slow his Supreme Court nomination roll.

A total coalition of 62 Senators, 14 Democrats and 48 Republicans voted “yes” for Trade Promotion Authority on Friday, which will fast-track the piece of…


It’s been five months since the nomination of Loretta Lynch and still no vote for confirmation.  President Obama says ‘enough is enough,’ but are the Democrats willing to force a vote?  Click here for More.

Republicans are holding up the confirmation process for Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch over one key issue. The GOP is really dragging its heels on…

In 2014, roughly 80,500 unemployed and low-income Texans and their families were receiving cash assistance or other benefits at any given time, with total payouts exceeding $5 million a month. But apparently, that privilege has been abused with substance and/or drug use and Texas is looking to put a stop to it. ” Taxpayer dollars should not be used to support a […]