With allegations and accusations of sexual assault coming out in politics and Hollywood, many have been on edge wondering what’s considered sexual assault in the workplace? Attorney Rhonda Wills from Wills Law Firm PLLC sheds some light on what is sexual harassment in the workplace from a legal and personal perspective. “I actually was a part of […]

Leeann Tweeden posted a photograph of Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) inappropriately touching her. This comes days after Congress discussed sexual harassment on Capitol Hill.

Mary J. Blige has opened up sexual harassment in Hollywood. During The Hollywood Reporter’s latest actress roundtable, MJB spoke on the importance of women opening up about abuse, saying, “I believe things will change because it’s making other women say, ‘Me too, me too,’ and that’s why it keeps happening every day. And it will change […]

His firing comes shortly after "The New York Times" reported that the 67-year-old conservative anchor and the network shelled out $13 million in sexual harassment lawsuits launched against him.

California Rep. Maxine Waters said that Bill O'Reilly "needs to go to jail" and that his network is a "sexual harassment enterprise" during an MSNBC interview Wednesday.

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Richmond, Virginia's mayoral race has taken a strange turn days ahead of Election Day.

Plus, Alabama pastor claims he was fired for inviting Black people to attend his church and a transgender woman livestreams being sexually harassed during community service.

Plus, man who taped Eric Garner's death gets four years in jail and more women accuse Fox News' Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

Alexandra Tweten created the Bye Felipe Instagram account three weeks ago so that she could compile harassing and hostile messages men send women online after…


NEWS 92 FM EXCLUSIVE  (HOUSTON) — We now know why Houston’s 311 director lost his job. Kendall Baker was the subject of a sexual harassment investigation. Afterwards, Baker,…

Have you ever been catcalled to no avail? Told to smile by some strange man who then used that line to ask you for your…