Join The People’s Station, Majic 102.1 for a multi-institutional, multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-media and multi-discipline collaboration showcasing the film premiere of Cimarrón Spirit and a mini concert featuring Xiomara Fortuna. Seeking freedom from sugar plantation masters, African slaves on the island of Hispaniola escaped into the mountains and jungles to build free societies. Their cultures, magic-religious […]


The announcement comes after Scholastic attempted to defend "A Birthday Cake For George Washington."


The Freedman's Bank was established in 1865 to help foment wealth-building for nearly four million newly freed slaves. It closed in 1874.

Ramin Ganeshram, a former journalist for The New York Times and Forbes, penned the book. Backlash ensued over the depiction that slaves were thrilled to be held against their will.

McGraw-Hill CEO David Levin believes his company has done more than enough to fix the erasure of slavery from their textbooks.

Ben Affleck has issued an apology for hiding information about his ancestors on the PBS show Finding Your Roots. The actor took to his Facebook page to discuss why…

This letter will blow you away. It’s will show how well educated this slave was. Click here to read the Original 1865 Letter of A Slave Master Asking His Freed Slave To Come Back

Out of all the kind of parties this 21 year old women could have had she choose this one. Read More

This is not only a game but it educates as well Read More   Screen capture from ‘Thralled,’ a coming app about the slave trade.

Check out this short video and also do your own research and tell us if you agree with these facts. (Video)  

Just don’t buy it. Above or beyond that, you hardly need conjure up any additional paraphrased memories or comparisons of the classic, industry gold-standard Nike ad campaign of yesteryear to symbolize just how much heated rival Adidas has missed the mark with its latest blitz.