Source: Interfaith Ministries / Interfaith Ministries One of the earliest proverbs known to humankind is: “It is better to give than receive.”  The adage is rooted in the Golden Rule and the Christian Bible: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” However, today, those sentiments are too often overshadowed by […]

Volunteering at MCAS is a special experience – for both you, and for the animals that can’t wait to meet you! There are lots of choices when it comes to volunteering. There’s plenty of cleaning, grooming, and dog walking to be done. MCAS is always looking for compassionate, animal-loving volunteers. Volunteers must be at least […]

In leaving a legacy well past Final Four weekend, the 2016 NCAA Men’s Final Four Houston Local Organizing Committee is taking a Day of Service in our local community.   PROJECT #1 – Rebuilding Together Houston OVERVIEW: Exterior refurbishment for 3 homes on the same block, including painting and landscaping. One homeowner is a military […]

You might still be full from Thanksgiving and your feet and wallet may still be aching from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but today’s unofficial…

Congressman Gene Green wants to encourage more doctors to volunteer their services at community health centers. Currently many doctors can not afford to do so,…

Obama, TJMS

According to the AP, President Barack Obama evoked Martin Luther King Jr.’s own words about public service Monday as Obama and his family celebrated the life of the late civil rights leader with a volunteer project.

Be an individual mentor to a child, it’s a special feeling to know that a younger child is learning from ‘you’….Someone taught you, so it’s best to share what you know to kids…Register today.

There’s a child that could use the advice that you give to others everyday…Help them by becoming a big brother or a big sister.

Join us in giving back to the community at the following events: BARBARA JORDAN STAMP UNVEILING CEREMONY | SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 (RSVP REQUIRED) Granville Sawyer Auditorium @ Texas Southern University 3100 Cleburne Street Texas Southern University has been afforded the opportunity to hosts the unveiling of the new Barbara Jordan Stamp Friday, September 16, 2011 […]

For the Haition Relief Effort, the Multi-Ethnic Community Center on Bissonnet has been receiving donations of clothing, water, and non-perishable foods from everywhere! However, the center is needing volunteers to commit to sorting, wrapping and packaging up the items to be shipped via Fed Ex.

Why Volunteer on King Day? With Dr. King’s leadership, our nation made great strides against racial discrimination and toward increased civil rights. Dr. King’s teachings can continue to guide us in addressing our nation’s most pressing social needs today. Each of us can contribute to strengthening our own communities by serving in Dr. King’s honor […]