Mo’nique is celebrating a major weight loss milestone — she’s under 200 lbs. for the first time since she was 17-years-old, PEOPLE reports. The Academy Award-winning star shared videos and photos of her accomplishment on Instagram on Thursday. “I said that I would share this journey with y’all, the weight loss and getting healthy,” Mo’nique […]

Dr. Draion M. Burch, DO (Dr. Drai) – a highly respected, board-certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist – is a nationally-recognized author, speaker, consultant, and go-to media…

Too sweet or not too sweet?  That is the question.  Artificial sweeteners sound questionable to begin with, I guess it’s the word “Artificial.”   However, they have been around so long that we usually don’t give it a second thought.  But you should.  You may be doing more harm to yourself than good.  Click here […]

Aretha Franklin has had a dramatic change in her size and health in the last few years losing 85 pounds, but how did she do it.  She talks weight loss and what she does to keep it off.  Click here for more.

I’m proud of actor Quinton Aaron for making a personal pledge to lose weight after he was kicked off a US Airways flight for taking…

You should consider a few things before you continue drinking diet soda. See what has to say about your favorite drink. Click here to READ MORE.

This is going to work so good for your body Here are 10 reasons why you should drink green smoothies: 1. More energy 2. Regular digestion 3. Reduced cravings for sugar & salt 4. Fewer mood swings 5. Lose weight! 6. Your skin becomes radiant! 7. You may feel an urge to start exercising 8. […]

The View co-host, Sherri Shepherd has opened up about losing 46 pounds. In an interview with People, Sherri said that she decided to get healthy about two years ago, right before she married hubby Sal.  Read why she decided to lose the weight and how by clicking here. shows us how to have a great time with our Barbecue filled Summer without gaining weight. Click here to READ MORE.

Tatyana Ali side she cries  to help her lose weight click here to find out how much weight and and how ofton

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