In the “no, duh,” study of the week, research has found that cosmetic surgery is no help for those with body dysmorphic disorder. And while BDD isn’t your run-of-the-mill poor body image (it’s a psychological disorder in which the affected person focuses so excessively on a real or perceived defect in their appearance that it […]

When a woman is in a relationship, she almost always gains weight. You and your man spend more time together and less time at the gym – eating out more, and sharing bottles of wine and dessert. And if your guy is eating more and more often, you can end up munching when you’re not […]

Being in tune with our bodies is important as we grow older.  As we age, our metabolism slows down and we must challenge ourselves to stay healthy and fit.   Have you ever seen someone with extra weight that looks older?  Have you ever met someone who looks  fit and in top shape and looks […]

Eating healthy food is not just about what we choose to consume. How much we eat is also a factor that can separate success from failure when it comes to losing weight. As important as portion control is, it is often the last thing we think about when we sit down to eat.

Keyshia Cole’s big sis Neffe’s is bringing a new look for the 2nd season of “The Frankie n Neffe Show!”  She definitely has lost all of that baby weight. Take a look courtesy of Frankie: “All My Children Are Jealous” Keyshia Cole’s sister lashes out