There are certain situation that can tell you how serious the relationship is. Watch  how  he introduce you to his family and friends and one of my favorites is do you hang with him during the holidays or do you get a plate from his mama house the next Theses are just my thoughts […]

    He won’t tell you You’ll never know where your relationship with him stands. You’ll often feel like you maybe should guess or assume what your status with him is Number 1 is kinda obvious Click here for the other 48

You must read this article it covers so many stages of relationships and you and your mate should take the time to ask yourself is that us? Click here to read all 4 stages

I love this website it has some great advice and most of it come right of the bible. One of the thing they suggest that married folks shouldn’t do is withhold sex, you might say where is that in bible well I’m glad you ask here it is 1 Corinthians 7:5 (CEB)  5 Don’t refuse to […]

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Women were ask: One thing you really love about your body

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1 . Being mean to bartenders, waitstaff and other service professionals. Click here for the other 6

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1. How does your family feel about your partner’s race? click here to see the others  

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