Ice Cube is a busy man these days. The rapper is working on a new album that will be his first since 2010’s I Am The West. He announced an album, Everythang’s Corrupt, back in 2014. By 2016, he told, “I had to put it down for a minute to finish these movies and make sure they were right […]

More reality TV is on the way. According to a report, Prince’s family is prepping to have their own reality TV show. The show, which is still in development, will reportedly focus on how their family has changed, since the legendary singer has passed. No details about which family members will be on the show. […]

“When you LOOK good, you FEEL good and when you feel good you DO GOOD!” – author unknown Today, I wasn’t feeling it. My hair isn’t done up to my regular standards. I didn’t get any of my laundry done over the weekend because I was super busy, so I have NOTHING to wear to […]

The streets and the tweets have been talking non-stop about whether or not Jay Z has cheated on Beyoncé since the release of her latest album, Lemonade. A source has now said that Jay is dropping his very own Lemonade. The insider told the New York Daily News, “Jay is working on an album telling […]

Timbaland has revealed that he will be working on Jodeci‘s comeback album. According to Rap-Up, Timbo said that he met with Devante Swing to start talking about the project. He said, “By the way, people who follow Timbaland from day one, I met with Devante and I’m help work on the new Jodeci album. Just for yall to know. I […]

R. Kelly is working on a Christmas album.  He told Rap Up TV,  “I’m working on a Christmas album right now called the 12 Nights of Christmas and it’s gonna be a lot of lovemaking. I come with that bearing gifts.” Obviously, the album won’t be released until next year. He said,  “I started it […]


The POTUS isn’t playing about his health care law.  According to Pulse of Radio, After the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act over the last two months, and with the website now working for most people who try to use it, President Obama is trying to refocus on talking up the benefits of the law. […]

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mo’Nique is working on a syndicated talk show with ABC/Disney that could launch in September 2014. That would be dope!  We miss Mo’Nique on TV.

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