I recently experienced a shoulder injury. No, I wasn’t pumping iron, again (jokey-joke). But, when I went to see my physician-specialist, he made three recommendations. The first was an offer of a prescription for opioid painkillers.  Well, as an addictions specialist, that was not an option for me. Statistics tell us that that scenario is […]


You might be surprised at how much lying goes on at work, with national workplace expert Lynn Taylor telling Business Insider, “Lying in the office is a pandemic.” But most of those lies tend to be more minor “white lies,” with Taylor explaining: “We bend the truth to make life easier. In many cases, we rationalize […]

Being a Black woman in the workplace is a mixed bag. Sometimes it means being on your grind and outshining everyone else because you’ve been running things. That often means working twice as hard and even when you outshine, still only getting half the recognition you deserve. Sometimes it means dealing with the double jeopardy […]

How well are Black women doing in the workplace?

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Via chron.com: No matter how cool your boss may be…there are still some things you should keep to yourself.    Click on  salary.com  for more details.

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According to the AP, older age means nothing in the workplace or college..It can and will be done. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/?q=articles/news/moving_america_news/37431

When two people are in a committed relationship, one of the hardest things to recover from is infidelity.  And nothing hurts as much.  This is most true when the woman is the one doing the cheating.  Read more:

Whether it’s the result of an aging population, or just one that can’t tolerate pain, a growing number of employees are going to work under the influence of prescription painkillers.  Read More:

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