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If you’re feeling bored with your hair, it may be time to switch things up a bit without doing anything dramatic. Here are some tips from celebrity stylist June Ambrose.

Sign you need an update: You have too many different colors showing.

How to revamp: “Stylists will tell you that a little bit of root showing is nice, especially if you have auburn hair or are brunette. It gives a nice depth. When three inches of roots are showing or ends are brassy, it’s time to get things cleaned up.”

Sign you need an update: Your hair is lifeless.

How to revamp: “Hair grows fast, and if it’s been a while since your last trim you should cut hair to the healthy point. It’s like planting a new tree. If you don’t want to cut it all the way, start out with a trim. Try a wig on and play around with it a little bit and see what the response is before you go all the way and make a drastic decision.”

Sign you need an update: You want a new look, but are scared off by fashion-forward haircuts.

How to revamp: “Your hair is your crown, it’s your hat. You can have a simple look with an edgy haircut and you’re reinventing yourself. It’s an automatic upgrade. If you’re constantly getting trendy cuts like Rihanna, those are going to change more frequently, but something like Anna Wintour’s bob, that’s classic. Jennifer Aniston’s hair is pretty classic.”


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