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Cupid, who’s single/dance of the party song “Cupid Shuffle” broke the Guinness Record for the world’s largest line dance at the Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour, has yet to take a back seat in the music industry.

In his refusal to be a one-hit wonder, Cupid’s sophomore album, Feel Good Music, has recently hit the stores, featuring his hit single “Do My Ladies Run This Party.”

His viral success hasn’t stopped either, with his new Internet single “Teach Me How To Wobble,” named after the new line dance sweeping the nation’s wedding receptions “The Wobble Line Dance.” He is also on tour with McDonald’s as the new face for the McCafe, having each city do the “McCafe Shuffle.”

Cupid spoke with our Starletta Watson to discuss his success with McDonald’s, his beginnings as a DJ in Louisiana and, of course, the Wobble line dance.

Describe your sound. What makes Cupid Cupid? I’m an R&B singer with a lot of energy and Southern soul. Somebody who brings a lot of life to the party and brings everybody to the dance floor. I don’t curse much, and I try to keep my music clean. I just try to make everybody have a good time.

How does it feel to know that after four years, “Cupid Shuffle” is still the highlight of the party or a family reunion, or really any get-together let alone a Black get-together? It’s an amazing foundation for my career because sometimes you see artists who drop five singles and go away in a year. It solidifies me as an artist and put me in my own category because not that many R&B artists have the sound that I have or the sound that stands the test of time, so that lets me know I’ll be here for a while. It puts me in a position where I have to continue to make party music and dance music, well, not necessarily that, but music that makes everyone feel good. And it makes me feel good! However you stake your claim, you stake your claim.

Tell us about making it into the Guiness Book of World Records. I know that sits up there as your most memorable moment performing? Definitely. In Chastain Park in Atlanta, the previous record was 12,000 and we got in 17,000 people doing it all at once for like 8 minutes. You go from just a few people doing your dance in Louisiana to that many people in Atlanta and make the Guiness Book of World Records is crazy. Steve Harvey was there and was very important in making that happen. And what was funny was that while I was on stage I broke out in a little praise! I was like “down, down, do your dance, thank you Jesus!” and you can hear it on the tapes and I was embarrassed but it was an overwhelming moment for me.

So was it ever your intention to make something that holds as much weight as the Electric Slide or the Cha Cha Slide? Like did you one day decide “I’m gonna make up a new dance?” Not really. I was real large independently in Louisiana and Texas as a DJ for years. When I first did “Cupid Shuffle” I was DJing in my hometown, and I wanted to create a line dance because there weren’t many of those kind of dance songs, which was before “Crank Dat” and all that other stuff. And every DJ I knew was saying “this song is horrible” and “I would never play this garbage,” but when the people spoke, the people spoke. I never really intended on doing that, but our destiny isn’t predestined. We don’t know where we’re gonna head or how you gonna make it big or how you gonna be successful.

How long were you a DJ? Back in the days, a lot of local music wasn’t getting played on the radio. I decided to DJ and promote my own club by being my own DJ and playing the music I wanted to.

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