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It’s all over the blogs…the punch that Mary J Blige allegedly gave her husband after he got caught flirting with another woman. Reportedly, people in the Blige camp say that the Mary J punch, (now gone ‘viral’over the Internet) is being misunderstood for something that never happened.

 The official explanation is that Mary stepped in between aconfrontation between Kendu and her brother to pull the two apart.

That’s one explanation, could there be another? What do the planets say? Could the Mercury retrograde be the cause of this incident being misunderstood, or is there indeed trouble brewing in the marriage of Mary J Blige and Kendu Isaac? Mary J, a Capricorn, born Jan. 11, 1971 is the second Capricorn woman this month in the spotlight for reportedly having marital problems, the first being Tina Knowles, the wife of Mathew Knowles and mother of singer Beyonce, who recently filed for divorce. Mary J’s cosmic profile reveals that her Moon in the family oriented sign of Cancer suggests that she has strong security issues and that maintaining her home and family can be one of her top priorities.

But, because of the challenging planetary alignments to her Moon, ( the Moon representing her emotions and her home life) she might feel as though she is no longer getting the support she requires from her love ones, aka, her husband Kendu and as a result lashed out! (I’m sure the Mercury retrograde, with its innate power of revealing hidden situations had everything to do with the ‘public punch,’ because there are just some things you have to let go of in the moment! Right Mary?) Mary J Blige is a resilient woman very capable of taking care of herself and her planets for 2010 reveal that the ‘alleged’ slap of her husband Kendu is just the tip of the ice berg! There is more of this situation to be revealed! We will be watching and taping!

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