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What do men and women really think about dating?

Yahoo! Shine and man mag Maxim got together for a joint survey of more than 2,000 people to figure out what men and women are thinking when it comes to dating. Among the surprises: Women surveyed prefer dates where there is an activity to focus on (going bowling, for example), while men were the ones who wanted to go out for dinner and drinks—and were the ones more interested in pursuing serious, long-term relationships. Also, social networking plays a bigger role now than ever before, and chivalry isn’t dead after all—69 percent of guys think of themselves as old-fashioned gentlemen, even though only 40 percent of women expect them to be. Respondents ranged from ages 18 to 64. Click through the slideshow to see the highlights of what they had to say about dating and relationships.

Photo by: Thinkstock