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Time to revisit those financial goals that were a part of your New Year’s resolution.  Did you have financial goals for 2011?

To help you out, Yahoo Finance has gathered nine experts in the fields of money, debt, real estate and consumer affairs to share these 9 best wealth-building tips for 2011:

1. Funnel That FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) Cut Into a Retirement Windfall

2. Look For Low-Cost Mutual Funds and Watch Those Fees

3. No Shortcuts: Year After Year of Consistent Savings

4. Get Rid of High-Interest Card Debt

5. Buy a Home

6. Balanced, Diversified Portfolio Plus Education

7. If You Have an HSA (Health Savings Account), Max It Out

8. Do Your Due Diligence

9. Start Your Own Side Business

(For more details read the entire article here)

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