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They always say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Well apparently, it’s through his nose also. Men associate scents in perfume with romance, both sexual and personal attraction. There are actually numerous scents that will attract a man and turn him on more so than other scents and have been scientifically found to arouse them.

One of those scents is cinnamon, which women have used for many years, even as far back as during Biblical times. It is common for women to bathe in cinnamon oil, have cinnamon scented candles around the house or even pull the trick of baking cinnamon buns in the oven right before your boo comes over.

Another scent that men seems to like is lavender. This scent is found to be sexually arousing to men and is usually found in aromatherapy products and can also be bathed in.

One major point to remember ladies, is that less is definitely more. Of course you want to smell good for your man, but be careful not to drown yourself in a certain scent because that will just give him a headache. A good tip is to dab a small amount behind your ears, and if you are using a spray bottle, to spray the air and walk into it. Read more on this topic here.

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