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Dear Gay Best Friend,

I am in a situation. I just met my husband’s fiancé. For the past year he has been cheating on me with her and told my 6 year old son that’s his new mommy. The only clue I had was my son asking does he have two mommies. When I would ask my husband about it, he would say that’s his old sergeant’s wife (we were both in the Army so I had no reason not to believe him).

He cheated on me about 5 years ago but I forgave him and stayed (like an idiot). I want to leave but he has put me in a worse situation because he got a job in another state so I quit my job and am about to pull my son out of school. I have friends but I’d rather not be broke and homeless, but right now I don’t want to go with him. My question is should I go with him or should I leave immediately? – My Husband Got Me In A Bind

“My Man Won’t Let His Ex Go, He Is Paying Her Car Insurance”

Dear Ms. My Husband Got Me In A Bind,

Girl, I can’t! I won’t! I shall not!

I had to read your letter a few times just to make sure I understood it. You mean to tell me that you are married and you’ve just discovered that your husband has been cheating on you for the past year, and the other woman is his fiancé? Girl, girl, girl! This fool is still breathing? Your Army issued weapon didn’t accidently discharge hitting him in the chest and he’s in the hospital?

And, wait a “MF’ing” minute! He got a job in another state and you quit your job and pulled your son out of school and you’re considering, and giving thought, as to whether you should go with him or not? Please Jesus take the wheel while I reach into the backseat and slap the –ish out of this silly ass woman who has her Army helmet strapped too tightly on her skull!

Why are you in this marriage? Why are you still sitting around waiting on him and what he’s going to do? Girl, your husband has a fiancé!! Does that mean anything to you? Do you not understand that he is moving on without you! Your marriage is a wrap! And, in the words of my girl, Tamar Braxton,

You’re talking about you don’t want to be broke and homeless, uhm, sweetheart, so you’d rather stay with a man who is cheating on you, lying to you about his affair, and be miserable for the rest of your life? If that is what you want, then go right on ahead. Please don’t let us, those who have some common sense, stop you from being a fool. It suits you oh so well, and you deserve that clown wig from Kim Su’s House of wigs, big nose, and big ass Payless shoes.

Look, Ms. My Husband Got Me In A Bind, it’s time to stop sulking and sitting there looking stupid. You’ve got to get your finances in order, and get your son out of there. And, I suggest you go into that bank account and withdraw all of his benefits. Get you a lawyer, and take him for everything he got, will get, and hope to get. And, then I suggest you get you a life insurance policy on his life, preferably one worth some millions, and then let nature, or you (LOL), take its course. I swear that some of you women really are slow moving and slow acting when it comes to a man. Don’t ever give your power over to someone where you feel stifled and don’t know what to do when something happens. Chile, you better get proactive and get your no bull-ishing taking self together and snatch that wig into a ponytail and use your military skills to your advantage. Don’t they train you on how to handle tough situations, and how to get out of those situations? Isn’t the motto: Be All That You Can Be! Girl, you better be about your business, be about kicking some ass, be about taking no prisoner’s, and be there for your son. And, I want a cut of the insurance check when it comes in. – Straight From Your Gay Best Friend

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