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Ask anyone the most uncomfortable part of a relationship and anybody will tell you, being in the doghouse. It’s one of those uncomfortable moments where you’re in sort of a liminal space—you’re right in the middle of being loved yet hated at the same time and you never know what your partner wants you to do to make things right again. It’s always those moments where you wake up and you see that person and if this were any other day you might go up to them and wake them with a kiss and a little “Good morning,” but you realize, this isn’t that time. Everything is not all love right now. So you wonder, what is it you can do to get back to that stage. For those of you who can relate, here are 5 helpful tips to getting out of the doghouse:

5. Sex. Sometimes you have to remind your partner why they just put you into the dog-house instead of completely kicking you to the curb. Chances are whatever you did to put yourself is not the only thing causing them to be so tense, if you set the mood right and play you hand good this is possibly one of the easiest ways to relieve whatever is causing them such tension, thus earning yourself a “get out of jail free card”

4. Buy your way out. This particular tip isn’t necessarily a fave of mine but I know many people that it does work for. Nine times out of ten, this will work for the materialistic men/women out there, the thought of your partner purchasing you that brand new (insert something highly expensive here), you may feel like he/she truly loves you that much.

3. Prove your partner wrong. For example, if you’ve done something that has your partner feeling unappreciated, go out of your way to let them know its’ still all about them. Plan a day of surprises, call in to work for her and surprise her throughout the day and take her somewhere special or do something special. Or if for whatever reason he/she can’t take off, show up at their job with flowers or take them out to lunch. Seriously, you’ve got to be made of steel to keep a stone face in the midst of your honey showing up to your job with all kinds of flowers and a goody basket. If this doesn’t make you crack a smile, chile you are clearly not to be f’d with!

2. Cook. One of the best ways to get your lover back into your good graces is to cook. This is a great tip because, even if you’re not the best cook this could still work. Why you ask? Well, like the famous phrase goes, “Its’ the thought that counts.” Just the event of you even trying to cook up a 5 star meal for your significant other is enough to make your partner feel instantly appreciated.

1. Apologize. Sometimes something as simple as the most genuine and sincere apology is just enough to convert your significant other from being the partner from hell back into the angel you fell in love with, way back when.

There you have it, follow these 5 helpful tips to getting out of the doghouse and you’ll be back on your way to a loving relationship void from silent treatments, evil eyes and sleeping on the couch.

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