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Solange, Amare Stoudemire & Angela Simmons at New York Fashion Week 2011HelloBeautiful has been all over New York Fashion Week chatting it up with your favorite celebrities at runway shows, presentations and parties, getting the inside scoop on their ultimate style and beauty tips.

From Solange at Lord & Taylor and Angela Simmons at Tommy Hilfiger to Amare Stoudemire at Macy’s and Selita Ebanks celebrating with Missoni, HB was able to find out their favorite products, fashion lines, and style icons – save for a few regretful buys (hey, we’re not the only ones who make mistakes when shopping!)


Angela Simmons: Bell bottoms and flares. I’m taking it back.

Solange: I would say a statement color coat. Bright colors!

Selita Ebanks: I’m loving tweeds. I’m still loving color-blocking even though I know it’s very ‘Spring.’ Lots of fur and fringe. It’s all about the fringe [points to her Christian Louboutin heels].

Dwyane Wade: A nicely tailored suit.

Amare Stoudemire: You gotta have a cashmere sweater. A v-neck for sure, something that’s not too hot, that’s not too cold.

Rachel Roy: I would do socks, because I am totally dying for a nude pair of very thin semi-sheer knee-highs that I can wear with heels. In terms of the silhouette, I’m definitely feeling androgyny. I think that a women with a suit on, a well-tailored suit, is amazing.

Laila Ali: I’m not that girl [shrugs].


Selita Ebanks: I usually have all kinds of lip-gloss and that’s a must, but tonight all I just have Chapstick.

Angela Simmons: Chapstick, I’ve got to have Chapstick with me.

Rachel Roy: I like the idea of transforming who I am through clothing and through makeup, so I rely heavily on mascara.


Selita Ebanks: Dress according to your body type!

Angela Simmons: Really be true to yourself when you dress. You have to wear what makes you feel the best; that’s more important than following trends.

Carmelo Anthony: Just do you. Everybody is fashionable in their own sense—good and bad.

Rachel Roy: Don’t follow trends. Only dress for what really looks good, fits good, makes you feel good.

Miguel: It’s all about your eye and what you believe in. Do some research. Understand where fashion comes from and what resonates with who you are and your lifestyle. It’s about what appeases you and what compliments your personality, because when you dumb it down, you do too much.

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Laila Ali: I bought a Mercedes GL..um…what’s the wagon? I just didn’t like it, I had to get rid of it. I picked the wrong car. I couldn’t be riding around in that for a year.

Amare Stoudemire: I had a crib in Miami I didn’t use much so I had to sell that [laughs] but I make sure I buy what I want and what I need.

Rachel Roy: Girl, I’m 37, I know what I want and that’s the beauty of getting older!

Angela Simmons: I guess you feel better every time you buy something you like. If anything, shopping is a guilty pleasure.

Solange: I don’t because I spend a lot of time wearing what I’ve got!

Miguel: Like when you go thrift store shopping and you find a piece and you know it’s a little too big or it doesn’t quiet fit, but you get it anyway because it’s such a dope piece? I’ve done that a couple of times.

Selita Ebanks: Oh, that’s a good question. I don’t know actually.

Carmelo Anthony: I can’t say that I get that too often [laughs].


Selita Ebanks: I’d love to raid Rihanna’s closet. She’s so young and fun! She wears the most random pieces and I love how she puts everything together.

Solange: Diana Ross, from an older generation, and from today, my damn self! [laughs]

Amare Stoudemire: I like Johnny Depp. He’s got a lot of accessories, but he’s a style rebel so he reminds me a lot of myself.

Dwyane Wade: My father. He was always sharp.

Angela Simmons: I really look up to Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs & Tom Ford, designers that have successful innovative lines. And Rachel Roy! She’s amazing. I’ve really been watching her, she’s like a mentor to me.

Miguel: I think Karl Lagerfeld takes the cake. He’s just so iconic and he’s done it in the most avant-garde way. Being progressive but timeless is a line that is very hard to walk.

Rachel Roy: I’m inspired by strong women, by graceful women, by women that never give up. Coco Chanel had a tough life; she was an orphan and she was a courtesan, but yet she looked so damn graceful. And Laura Santo Domingo: she can wear such beautiful fashion, such edgy fashion but she wears in a way that’s so effortless.


Selita Ebanks: Marchesa! It’s always over-the-top gorgeous glamour.

Miguel: The Future of Eveden. He’s so passionate about everything. I think his event is gonna be barnone.

Angela Simmons: I’m really excited to see Betsey Johnson. She’s really fun.

Carmelo Anthony:I’m excited to see this Tommy Hifiger show.

Reporting done by Danielle CheesmanLeigh DavenportVanessa Denis & Nakisha Williams.

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