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Lala takes us on another journey into her life on last night’s episode of “Lala’s Full Court Life”. Lala’s Google alerts have been crazy as rumors of Carmelo’s secret baby and drama between her and Chauncey Billup’s wife have been circulating the internet. With all the drama going on, Lala decides that it’s time to cleanse her mind and her body. The trio (Lala, Po and Dice) go out for sushi when she realizes that she’s been putting on a few pounds. They decide to go back to the hotel and all weigh themselves which is probably the realest thing anyone has ever done on reality tv!

Lala weighed in at 145, Po at 113 (should she even be considered in this episode?), and Dice at 173. Lala come up with a weight loss plan that first involves a body cast. She runs it by her bestie, Kim Kardashian who thinks its a crazy idea, but encourages her to go through with it and then call her back with the results.

They all agree to do the body cast, take a few hilarious pictures and then remove the molds. The next phase on the weight loss plan is to go do some Yoga with none other than Russell Simmons. Lala asks Russell to take them to the yoga class so they can feel spiritually cleansed and centered but its obvious that yoga isn’t Dice’s thing.

The next phase on the weight loss plan is to take a boxing class which helps Lala clear her head and now she’s able to deal with bigger issues, like the drama between her and Chauncey Billup’s wife, Piper Billups.

Lala and Piper sit down for dinner to try and smooth things over between them. Apparently, Piper is upset to be included in the trade with Melo and is not happy to move to New York. Lala wanted to clear the air and asks Piper if the rumors are true and if they are really upset. Piper explains that she is not upset with the Anthonys but upset at the fact that Chauncey has been traded five times and had to move very often. Overall these BASKETBALL WIVES end their date drama free with things cleared up.

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