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When we last left Lala, she was still looking for the perfect home for her and her family and Po and Dice were both having girlfriend drama. In attempts to lift everyone’s spirits, Lala plans a vacation for all of them (and her bestie Kelly Rowland as well) to Turks and Caicos for a little rest and relaxation (take me PLEASE!).

When they first arrive, Dice feels under the weather so she decides to stay in the hotel room to rest up. That doesn’t stop Lala, Kelly and Po from hitting the casino and playing a little blackjack.

The next day, the girls go on a boat tour where they are able to fish and lounge in the sun (side note: who knew Po had a banging body like that? lol)  Lala decides to jump in the water and swim around a little bit before she sees a mysterious fin swimming close to her. She’s not sure whether it’s a shark, stingray or some other deadly creature so she swims as fast as she can to the nearest shore only to realize that the fin she saw was just a dolphin! (hey, I would have done the same thing!)

They then head to the Conch Shack for some lunch (not sure how I feel about eating Conch). Their waiter explains to them that, “eating conch penis is the island aphrodisiac”and Dice responds, “No, not today” (that’s funny for more reasons than one!)

The waiter serves them Conch penis in a shot called the “Conch Knocker” (such a fitting name) and Kelly bravely is the first to try. Seems rather interesting!

After a fun day in the sun, the girls head back to their room where a more serious conversation takes place. This is the first time we see Dice open up about her sexual orientation and talk about her girlfriend Michelle who she has been referring to as “The Situation”. Lala explains to Dice that she shouldn’t be ashamed of who she is and that the doesn’t have to hide from anyone anymore because they will love and accept her just the same.  It seems as though Dice slowly but surely was able to open up by first even talking about her girlfriend out loud and then calling her by her real name, instead of “The Situation” (because Lord knows I wouldn’t want to share a nickname with the Jersey Shore crew lol). I’m glad that this topic was discussed on this show! It’s so important for everyone to feel accepted despite their sexual orientation. Dice, we love you just the same- if not even more!

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