A JetBlue pilot isn’t happy with his employer after being stuck on the tarmac of a Connecticut airport for some eight hours on Saturday. Neither are many of his passengers.

Flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey, are usually uneventful — two-plus hours of flight and then taxi to the gate — but throw in a freak October snowstorm and it’s a different story.

JetBlue Flight 504 departed Fort Lauderdale at 10:07 a.m. ET Saturday — 32 minutes late.

The flight made it to Newark — just not to the runway, thanks to the weather and was diverted to Bradley International Airport near Hartford, Connecticut. It landed at 1:07 p.m.

What came next was an eight-hour ordeal for passengers — and crew — as the plane sat stuck on the tarmac with little food or water.

“I got a problem here on the airplane. I’m going to need to have the cops onboard,” a flight crew member told the tower in a conversation posted on, a website that monitors air traffic control conversations. “I need some air stairs brought over here and the cops brought onboard the airplane.”

Passenger Roseann Kozma explained the situation in a phone interview with CNN affiliate WTIC-TV from the plane.

“A couple passengers are fighting and there’s a baby on here that’s been crying the whole time,” she said.


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