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You loved them in the “Why Did I Get Married?” movies. Now you can love them on TBS.

Tyler Perry’s third TV show, “For Better or Worse,” heads to the network with the continuing saga of Angela and Marcus Williams, the battlin’ couple who nevertheless can’t seem to ever break up. It stars Michael Jai White and Tasha Smith as the crazy couple, who debut on TBS on Friday, Nov. 25 at 10 p.m.

“It’s great because we get a chance to show on this television show another dimension of the relationship between Angela and Marcus,” Smith told WGN-TV in Chicago. “In the movies, we just saw one dimension – the battles, the fights – but now you get to see them at home, as parents and the love and the passion and see why they’ve been able to stay together all these years.”

Smith and White, who once dated, bring their undeniable chemistry to the roles. No word on if the movie’s cast will appear on the show.

On “For Better or Worse,” Marcus continues as a sports talk show host and is joined by his two male business partners, who will add to the show’s storyline. Angela owns a hair salon and her best friend dates one of Marcus’s coworkers to hopefully comedic effect.

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