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“The Game” is heating up! Just when we thought Derwin, Melanie and Janay were one big happy yet dysfunctional family, a monkey wrench, better known as Noah, is thrown into the equation to make things even more complicated. Melanie is still suffering from a “lack of friends” and is clinging on to anyone who will give her the time of day, which in this case is Janay. The two “bond” in the sky box at one of Derwin’s football games, when Melanie asks Janay if she has spinach in her teeth and Janay tells her she does. Melanie sees this as a sign of friendship, and clings to Janay’s side throughout the rest of the game. When Janay’s “friend” Noah shows up to the game, Melanie insists on inviting Janay and her new “friend” over to her house for dinner and drinks.

During dinner, things are a little awkward between Janay, Melanie, Derwin and Noah at first, but eventually they seem to all be getting along great. After informing everyone that her shoes were YSL and making sure that Janay noticed, Janay pulls Melanie to the side to tell her a secret. She drops the bomb on Melanie that she and Noah have been dating for a while now, and they are actually engaged! Melanie is overly excited (I guess because now Derwin’s baby mama finally has a man of her own) which surprises Janay because they’ve never shared a moment like this before. Janay tells Melanie that she wants to be the one to tell Derwin, so she asks her to keep it a secret. She also asks Melanie to push Derwin to Team Janay & Noah, in case after the dinner ends Derwin doesn’t like him too much. Melanie promises to help Janay, and for a second it looks like these two are actually friends.

After dinner ends and Noah and Janay leave, Derwin reveals that he thinks Noah is a jacka** and doesn’t like him at all. Melanie is taken aback by Derwin’s reaction to Noah, and wonders if he’s acting like that because he doesn’t want to see Janay with another man other than himself. Later that night, Melanie asks Derwin to have a truth moment, because they’ve promised each other that they will never go to bed holding secrets from one another. Derwin shuts Mel’s idea down and Melanie asks him if he doesn’t like Noah because of Janay. Derwin still doesn’t give Melanie a straight answer so Melanie decides to tell him Janay’s secret: that she and Noah are engaged. The look on Derwin’s face? Priceless.

Do you think Derwin is upset that Janay has a new man??

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