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On this week’s episode of “Basketball Wives”, Evelyn gets introduced to the new basketball “wives”, Keshia and Kenya. Ev’s first impression of the new girls? “Keshia is thin, cute and stylish, and Kenya’s weave is off-center. It’s a little the left. It’s leaning,” she says. Poor Kenya. Let’s just say that this episode wasn’t in her favor, as the shade kept being thrown in her direction from all areas. While at dinner, Evelyn brings up Kenya’s YouTube video and gives Kenya her honest opinion and in so many words says, “it sucked and it wasn’t sexy”. After taking Ev’s criticism, Kenya develops a respect for Ev (either that or she’s afraid of her) and thanks her for being honest about the video upon their first meeting. Oh Kenya.

Kenya then has dance auditions for her new video and Keshia and Royce show up to help. Apparently, Kenya grew some confidence overnight or something, because during the audition she wastes no time in thanking everyone in the room for supporting her vision and helping her bring her dream to life, everyone except Keshia, who didn’t believe in the video from the beginning. Keshia definitely felt attacked by Kenya’s comment, even though Kenya insisted that she wasn’t trying to throw Keshia under the bus. Sounds a little fishy to me, and apparently the rest of the wives agreed because at that moment Keshia decided that she was done with Kenya on both a professional and personal level.

Royce and Keshia later meet up with Tami and tell her about the incident at Kenya’s dance auditions. Tami’s response is just oh so typical Tami, “Now if Kenya gives me all that attitude and sh*t she gave Royce and Kesha, baby, I will be so in the wind and she will be left with that bad weave and that bad ass choreography and them f—ed-up clothes.” Welcome back, Tami.

For some odd reason, Kenya seems to not be able to take Keshia’s “constructive criticism” but is more than accepting of Tami’s and Evelyn’s. When she asks Tami to help her with her image, Tami is more than willing to help Kenya and even brings in a couple of her friends a.k.a her glam squad to assist. During the meeting, Kenya forgets her computer, doesn’t bring her head shots and then borrows a hotel cd player to play her music on. Strike one two and three. Tami and her glam squad was not very happy with Kenya at this moment. She says, “I was very offended. I think everybody at this table thinks Kenya’s a hot-ass mess.” While one of Tami’s friends comments on Kenya’s leaning weave saying she looks like one of their aunties. SMH

Kenya is also not prepared to show Tami’s team any dance moves. She makes up the excuse that she’s not dressed properly to perform and Tami’s stylist responds with, “Beyonce can dance in anything…” EXACTLY

After this disaster of an audition, Tami lets us in on her dramatic counseling session where she opens up about her past issues of abuse, rape and being held up at gun point. She’s in anger management to help her deal with some of her past anger, and now we are able to understand just why Tami is the way she is today. It was nice to see a different side of Tami. She admits that going to therapy is helping her deal with some of her past issues and that she’s dealing with it all one day at a time.

What did you think about this week’s episode?

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