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There comes a time in every woman’s life when she realizes that all her previous sexual engagements, weren’t really as great as she thought they were. It usually occurs after you meet a man more interested in pleasing a woman than he is in pleasing himself. He takes the time to caress you, hold you, and pays attention to every crevice of your body. You are his focus and nothing else matters more than taking you to the highest level of sensation. It isn’t always about the size of his tool or the location in which the action takes place, but more about the anticipation a mature man knows how to induce and fulfill.

We caught up with R&B artist Tank who gave us his “How To” guide for properly making love to a woman. Who better than a sexy muscular man who prides himself on being a savior to women? The mosaic of a man, recently released a new mixtapeDiary Of A Madman, which is the perfect soundtrack to the perfect night!

Sex is all about the appetizer, it’s got to start off right. The appetizer has to consist of mental stimulation more than anything. There has to be a sexy conversation about what you like, what you don’t like and what things have made you want to explode until you scream.

Moments of getting close and not going there, moments of going out on a date and spending time with one another–by the night, you want to do it so bad… but you settle for a hug and a kiss and keep it moving. A couple weeks of the build-up, the anticipation becomes so crazy. Finally when you get to that point there’s already magic in the air.

Once you get in there, you get your soundtrack together (Tank-Diary Of A Madman) make sure Rick Ross doesn’t come on at any point and start with the little things. I’m all about the extremities: the hands, the feet, the legs, the Achilles tendon, back of the knee and behind the neck. Right above a woman’s butt there’s a spot… if you just lick there. You have to take care of all of these things, it is called prepping the ham before it goes into the oven. I’m a pleaser, I like to take control!

Then it’s about what your working with and how you stroke it.

4 Quick Questions:

If you were forced to get a tattoo at gun point what would you get?

“Thuglife” on my stomach [Laughs]. If they got a gun I got to show them I’m hard too.

What secret urge do you get often but never act on?

To jump off a building and try to fly. For some reason I want fly really bad.”

What do you look for in a woman?

First, I look for pretty feet. I’m a feet man. If your feet aren’t up to par, you gets no run!

Are you single?


Stay tuned for Part 2 where Tank dishes on his new album, gives us a groupie tale and tells us his future plans!