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Poor Kenya Bell better watch out, because Evelyn is out for blood! On this episode of “Basketball Wives” we picked up at the wine-bottle throwing scene when Evelyn tried to kill Kenya, literally. All of the girls are shocked that things just escalated the way they did. “I couldn’t let you kill her. You would have killed that girl.” Tami tells Evelyn after Kenya has been escorted out of the restaurant. But by the look on Ev’s face, it doesn’t matter because Kenya is going to get it every time they see each other. Yikes!

Since all the other girls’ friendships are falling apart, Suzie thinks that it would be a great idea to help Jen and Royce reconcile their friendship, especially since Jen doesn’t really have too many people in her corner anymore. Both Jen and Royce agree to meet and discuss their past issues in hopes that all will go well and they can have a friendship again. (Why Suzie is so pressed to bring Jen and Royce back together again is beyond me, but I suppose Jen could use an extra friend or two these days.) When they all meet up, Jen tells Royce that she was upset with her over something that she Tweeted a while back, and Royce just politely tells Jen “yo a** was mean”. After a little bickering, the girls patch things up and agree to be friends. Hallelujah!

Ev, Tami and Shaunie meet up to discuss the bottle throwing incident and of course, Kenya. They all agree that Kenya is a liar. Tami says, “don’t know what I would have done if the bottle hit me.Potentially somebody would be in the hospital. Probably Evelyn.” That sounds just like Tami!

Ev eventually realizes that she could have potentially hurt Kenya by throwing a bottle and plate towards her head, and then is thankful that Tami held her back because she could very well be in handcuffs at this very moment from this incident. After discussing this incident, they decide that it’s time to take another vacation and “relax”. This time, they choose Tahiti, and ask Ev to please be on her best behavior since Jen will probably be attending. Yeah right.. .

Kenya has a “video premiere” party to show the girls her music video and everyone attends (except Shaunie and Ev of course). Right off the bat, the starts going in on Kenya, accusing her of swagger jacking Jen’s style, stalking Tami and wanting to BE Evelyn! “We have Kenyelyn, we have Jenya, and we have Kenye. I don’t know who I’ve met I don’t know who she is tonight, but she’s not Kenya, I’m just sayin’,” Royce tells cameras.

When the video airs, the faces on the girls’ faces is priceless! “You haven’t shown this video to anyone else, have you?” one of the girls asks. “Let’s keep this one as a keepsake.”

Aside from that feedback, the girls go on to say that Kenya is in need of a stylist, and needs to learn how to take criticism but on a positive note, she actually can sing! At this moment, Jen realizes that Kenya is a little crazy, and is not the girl that she thought she was. OUCH!

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