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Gunfire is exchanged outside a Southeast Houston game room. The small non descript  building sits in the 3300 block of Broadway near the Gulf Freeway. Half a dozen people were inside at 3 a.m. when security guard Steve Martinez stepped outside for a cigarette. That’s when a trio of suspects approached. One had a gun and ordered Martinez not to draw his weapon.

A scuffle broke out and the suspect and Martinez both fired. No one was hit. Martinez says the suspect put the gun to his chest, “I said well it’s either  my life or his and I was going to shoot but I said if I shoot and shoot him, he’s going to pull that trigger and I’m going to die too.”

Martinez gave up his 45 and the suspects took off in what’s believed to be a silver sedan.

Having only worked at this 24-hour game room for nine months, Martinez describes his overnight shift as usually quiet. He said the whole attack happened in slow motion but in reality likely only lasted maybe a couple of minutes. He recalls the trio wearing masks and when he looked in the eyes of the person holding the gun, he saw ” no fear.”

Police are still searching for the three young suspects.

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