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Fantasia Barrino, American Idol season 3 winner, and her manager Brian Dickens, were recently exonerated from accusations that they took $15,000 from Harvest Family Church and failed to honor a scheduled appearance at the place of worship.

It has been  rough two years for Fantasia. She has been accused of being a home-wrecker and of being a poor role model. So poor in fact, that her potential to star in Mahalia Jackson movie was placed in question. Read:Mahalia Jackson Bio Movie Company Apologizes To Fantasia.

In March, Barrino and Dickens made headlines after Matthew Herman, Music Ministry Team Organizer for Harvest Family Church, made accusations about the singer’s absence from a scheduled appearance.

“Fantasia’s Manager agreed on the $15,000 contract and then magically became unavailable. Just like he’s done with other people in the past,” Herman tweeted in March. “I only dealt with Fantasia’s manager because she won’t do business without him. Very unfortunate. Such a sad career for her with him.”

Months after Dickens said he would seek legal action against Herman, the employee of Harvest Family Church in Fayetteville, NC., offered an apology to Fantasia and her manager on Twitter

“On March 14,2012 I posted false and harmful statements about Fantasia’s manager Brian Dickens, BD Management and Fantasia to my @Matthewwrites twitter account. Neither Fantasia’s manager Brian Dickens or BD Management ever confirmed an appearance date for Fantasia to appear at the Harvest Family Church,”Neither Fantasia’s Manager Brian Dickens or BD Management were ever paid by or took any money at any time from Harvest Family Church. I regret that certain blogs picked up on my statements and added to them to create additional misstatements about Mr. Dicks and BD Management.”

It’s been a rough  time for Ms Barrino. We are hoping the sun shines soon for her.

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