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Weather meteorologists and health care professionals alike are urging Houston and surrounding area residents to keep cool as Tuesday’s temperature is expected to top out well into the high 90s. The heat index for Tuesday is expected to be about 105.

There is the possibility of an isolated late-day shower that may ignite north of Houston. In terms of the seven-day forecast, there is a sight chance of rain from Tuesday on into Wednesday. Expect downright hot conditions right through the end of the week.

The heat index (HI) or “humiture” is an index that combines the air temperature and relative humidity that determines the human-perceived equivalent temperature or in other words how hot it feels. When humidity is low, the apparent temperature will be lower than the air temperature, since perspiration evaporates rapidly to cool the body. However, when humidity is high or the air is saturated with water vapor, then the apparent temperature “feels” higher than the actual air temperature, because perspiration evaporates more slowly.

Watch the video below to learn more of what a heat index is and how it plays a part in temperatures:

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