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Another day another jumpoff…Sources are saying that Chad Johnson only got with Evelyn Lozada “for reality TV purposes” and that he cheated on her during their entire relationship. First there was the jumpoff in Boston, and now there’s an alleged jumpoff in Miami who he brazenly cheated with on Twitter.

Here’s what went down:

* Bianca has had a relationship with Chad Johnson for over a year. * Chad would often take Bianca to David’s café and even took her there while Evelyn was spending time with her daughter for her birthday in Los Angeles (there are tweets verifying this story). * Chad would mostly spend time with Bianca while Evelyn was out of town, on her book tour, filming or making appearances. * Bianca has gone with Chad to train at his old high school, Beach High (there are tweets verifying this story). * Bianca would sometimes drive around in the smart car that Evelyn purchased for Chad and where the domestic violence incident took place (which is apparent because of a tweet she sent about a smart car). * Chad would take her to the Angler hotel and W hotel. He never took her to the home, just posh hotels. * She helped Chad tweet in Spanish whenever he sent out Spanish tweets (there are tweets verifying this story). * Sources close to him say that Bianca agreed not to say anything about their relationship —- due to the fact that he was with Evelyn and could not be seen with anyone else. According to the sources, Bianca was fully aware that he was indeed with Evelyn the whole time. * The reason why Chad would never do interviews to promote the “Ev and Chad” show is because he didn’t want to make any of his mistress’s upset. * Bianca often tweets Chad’s brother * Chad, his brother and Bianca recently had dinner together last week (tweet verifies this). * Bianca would send Chad provocative images of herself to his iPhone.

Do we really think Ev didn’t know about these jumpoffs? How did he get away with this for so long?

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