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“Django Unchained” is one of this year’s most  anticipated films by Quentin Tarantino. But be assured, it’s not just another “slave” movie.

The trailer debuted last month and it got some mixed reviews. But it  certainly looks like a classic, bloody Tarantino movie.

Set in pre-Civil War America, Jamie Foxx plays the main character, a formerly  enslaved African on a pursuit to get revenge for the lives plantation owners  took.The film isn’t actually finished yet, work is still being done in New  Orleans. But it’s already got a good buzz going.

Producer Reginald Hudlin is happy for the growing curiosity about the film,  particularly because it’s not a typical “slave movie.”

“So we got into this whole debate about movies on this topic of slavery, and  I was very frank about how I hated 90 percent of them. I thought they were cod  liver oil movies that were — and when I say cod liver oil, I mean movies that  taste bad — but you’re supposed to swallow it anyways, because it’s supposed to  be good for you. I don’t understand how that works because if it’s not  entertaining, if it’s not something you want to go see, why bother, because no  one’s going to see it. And I just felt like these movies should be exciting,  they should be action-packed and most of all, I felt like they should have  plenty of kicking ass because at the end of the day, the world needs black  people who fought back. I mean, the famous slave revolts like Nat Turner and  Denmark Veesey and for every one that we know about, God knows how many that we  don’t know about because people wanted to suppress that information.”

Read the full interview at Ebony.

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