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MYHOUSTONMAJIC.com – Legendary songstress Anita Baker told her longtime friend Tom Joyner that she feels ‘amazing’ and truthfully she should because after a long hiatus from the biz she’s back with her latest single, Lately‘ (a Tyrese cover) that is now the number 1 r&b song in the country.

It’s easy to tell that she and the fly jock are good friends because Baker let’s it all hang out and she holds nothing back.  She talks about everything from her divorce to the fact that she is DATING again.

Her sons are in college she speaks about her transition into new beginnings. Her new album will come out soon enough but we know the title will be ‘Only Forever’.

What a woman!  Anita Baker?  Welcome back to your old home. The number 1 r&b spot.  It missed you.

Click on the audio link to hear the interview.


2 thoughts on “Anita Baker Is Dating But Assures It’s Not Younger Men! [AUDIO]

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