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A few weeks ago, Stacey Dash appeared on The View to defend her support for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.  While I agree it is her constitutional right to support the political candidate of her choosing, the interview left me “clueless” as to WHY she would support Mitt Romney and WHY she would be affiliated with the GOP.

Throughout the interview she exclaimed that the GOP needed to be more inclusive. She also admitted that they had not been sensitive to the needs of ALL  Americans.  Which begs the question: If the GOP has been exclusionary in its politics and its practices and if Mitt Romney is the candidate for this party, that has been exclusionary and insensitive  to minorities in America, how then could she possibly explain her affiliation and her support?

I’m clueless.

I’m also clueless as to how the GOP is to move forward in America and move America forward with this type of rhetoric and these types of tactics.

I’m even more clueless as to how African-Americans EXPECT to move forward in this nation with a two party system; where one party has our “blind allegiance”,  while the other turns a “blind eye” to our needs

Tune into Sunday Morning Live….

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