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This Black History Month, NewsOne takes a look back at the top African-American moments from 2000 to 2012. Some will make you happy while others will undoubtedly make you angry and/or sad. Either way, here’s to the last 12 years of our living history. Enjoy!

Moment: The Re-election Of President Barack Obama

The re-election campaign of President Barack Obama was not an easy ride. With a seemingly passive message and facing increasingly combative Republicans looking to undermine his rule, it appeared that Obama had lost his edge. Mitt Romney, who by many measures ran a smarter campaign at times, looked to be surging in the polls and had many Democrats and those on the left concerned that the dream was over. After a weak showing in the first presidential debates prior to the 2012 November general election vote, Obama came alive and used his superior oratory and debate skills over the ham-handed jabs of Romney.

It wasn’t until the official confirmation of the win that Obama supporters breathed a sigh of relief. Romney, as expected, balked at the numbers after conceding, but it was clear America did not want the flip-flopping former Massachusetts governor in the White House. Although analysts feared that Obama would be a lame-duck President, he has shown a desire to stick to his lofty and ambitious goals. The Inauguration in January of this year was full of the necessary pomp, but time will tell if the country is unified under the progressive, populist stances of Obama and his administration.

Watch the President win re-election here:

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