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Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about the freezing temperatures in Washington D.C. before he announces this week’s “Bama of the Week”. You won’t be surprised!


TOM JOYNER:  And now it’s time for the Celebrity Snitch, Huggy Lodown.  Huggy!

HUGGY LOWDOWN:  What’s the deal, Pickles?  Is everything kosher?

TOM JOYNER:  Yeah, Huggy, everything’s kosher.

HUGGY LOWDOWN:  Oh!  Tom Joyner.

TOM JOYNER:  Huggy Lowdown.

HUGGY LOWDOWN:  Sybil Wilkes!

SYBIL WILKES :  Hello, Hug.

HUGGY LOWDOWN:  And J. Anthony Brown!

J. ANTHONY BROWN:  What up, Hug?



HUGGY LOWDOWN:  Thank God It’s Finally Friday and Freezing out this F! (Laughter) Man, it’s so damn cold, it was so damn cold yesterday I felt the breeze through my dungarees that made my man marbles freeze.


HUGGY LOWDOWN:  I was colder than a polar bear having a pool party at the North Pole.  (Laughter) It’s too damn cold.  Sybil, you know it’s cold when you put on your wifebeater after you put on your long sleeve shirt.  (Laughter) It’s too damn cold.  Yesterday I had on a turtleneck, a fleece, a hoodie, scarf, glove and two condoms, it’s too damn cold.  (Laughter) No duct tape.  (Laugh) Hey, Jay, you had to have to cut your long johns to underwear.  Because you don’t have any clean drawers left.  Man, it’s cold outside and you’re looking for your long johns because you forgot you transformed your long johns into some damn thermal thongs.  And how come you always find the legs of the long johns first?  Now you walk around with a garter to hold up the legs of your thermal underwear so it feels like you’re wearing long johns.  It’s too damn cold.  Sybil, it’s so cold, yesterday I went to pick up my cousin Mado.  And he said call me Clive Davus, I’m not coming out till it’s 80.  (Laughter)

TOM JOYNER:  That’s a good one.

HUGGY LOWDOWN:  It’s too damn cold.  Because the winter is making mofos Harlem Shake.  It’s too damn cold, I’m like Michael Franks, I’ve got popsicle toes.  Congratulations to Wiz Kalifa and Amber Rose on the birth of their baby boy, Sebastian Caleb Thomaz, with a Z.  And I’m glad it was a boy.  If it was a girl they would’ve named her Amber Lifa.  (Laughter) Or black and yellow Ivy.  Contender number one, Laz Alonzo.  Mm-hmm, the last bro I thought would be on my list, but the fellow Washingtonian let Sybil Wilkes jammed him so bad for his aggressive relationship questions.  Laza Lazo was reaching for the water like he was Laz Rubio.


HUGGY LOWDOWN:  Contender number two, Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift was at the BRIT awards.


HUGGY LOWDOWN:  Not only dressed like Beyoncé at the Super Bowl, she was lip-syncing her moves.  I mean with the exception of Michelle and Kelly popping out the floor, she thought she was Tayonce.  Contender number three, Jesse Jackson, Jr.



HUGGY LOWDOWN:  I know, I like Jesse Jackson, but two Michael Jackson hats?!?  Shamon, Jessie.


HUGGY LOWDOWN:  SHAMON!  Chris Boss, you are the Bama of the Week!!!  After that all-star game performance, that all start game performance was so bad the Miami Heat was thinking about trading him to the Wizards.  In the words of Lil Wayne you are the effing Bama of the Week.  And he, never mind.  (Laughter) I’m getting carried away.

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