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Michael Jordan Puts A Ring On It (thumbnail)

Ex-NBA superstar Michael Jordan (pictured) might be all lovey-dovey with his fiance but he reportedly isn’t that blinded by love to not protect his $650-million fortune! Jordan reportedly had his legal eagles draw up a pre-nup, and according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail, his fiancée, Yvette Prieto (pictured), signed on the dotted line.

Per the pre-nup, each party will get to keep whatever assets they bring in to the marriage. If Jordan and Prieto don’t make it and decide to divorce, she will receive $1 million for every year she remained married. If the couple splits up after a 10-year-run, Prieto gets to walk away with a whopping $5 million for every year they stayed together.

According to the Daily Mail, though, Prieto is confident that she and her alleged former serial cheater will make it last forever. An insider told the Daily Mail that Prieto “feels they have a strong relationship. She can’t imagine that they’d ever split up!”

The bride-to-be is a 33-year-old Cuban-American former model who has dated the 50-year-old athlete since 2009. Jordan and Prieto will reportedly tie the knot on April 27th.

Clearly, the basketball icon did not want to fall in to the catastrophic situation that he wound up in when he divorced his ex-wife, Juanita Vanoy. When Jordan married Vanoy, he had no pre-nup.

So when the former Mrs. Jordan exited the 17-year marriage citing irreconcilable differences, she received a reported consolation prize of $168 million, the couple’s 25,000-square-foot Chicago home, and full custody of their three children.


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