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“There’s a lot more chocolate fans out here,” Tyrese says. “Truth be told, I’ve caught Tank tanning a few times.”

Good-natured ribbing – and joking Tyrese, Eddie Kane and David Ruffin comparisons aside, the group seems to be getting along, joking about each other’s amount of children (Ginuwine wins with 9, Tyrese has 1 and Tank has 4) and their individual personalities.

“The reason why y’all feeling this energy is because we’re actually friends,” says Tyrese.  (He and Ginuwine are best friends and have been for years.) “We’re ten plus years of being friends. We’re actually real fans of each other’s music, and what we bring to R&B collectively. Tank started singing backgrounds for Ginuwine on his first couple of tours, I introduced Ginuwine to his wife Sole and was the best man at his wedding; we’re all like real friends that have a real history. It’s not a gimmick. We’re just excited to finally have an official single. We’re just happy to be here.”

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